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Temperature Monitoring App

Welcome to, as you will be aware, our website is not finished yet, (too busy with our clients).
So thanks for your patience, and please feel free to contact us or come back soon.

Busy bees @gemxit

So whats in store for 2020 @gemxit?

A new decade, another location

yes we are growing and expanding, a brand new office interstate.

A new year, a new career

We are looking for new people to fill a number of positions, keep an eye on the careers page, coming soon.

Software scene

We have a number of exciting software solutions being implemented this year for a number of clients, the list is growing.

New apps on the Stores!

Busy bees @gemxit, look out for our new apps on the Google Play & Apple Stores.

Temperature Monitoring System

Our Temperature Monitoring System is now available, designed for cold stores but there are so many other applications our system will fit. Contact us for more info.

More to come

With such a busy start to 2020, we are looking forward to an exciting year ahead @gemxit.

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